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Australians want more regulation on gambling advertisements

A majority of Australian adults are in support of reducing gambling advertisements according to a survey conducted by the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC).

Data gathered by the AGRC found that 59 percent of participants supported the statement that gambling should be discouraged, and 68 percent think that gambling is dangerous for family life.

The survey also found that three in four Australian adults gambled at least once in the last 12 months, and two in five had gambled at least weekly.

Dr. Rebecca Jenkinson, the executive manager of the AGRC said that what was already known was the impacts of gambling at individual, family and societal levels. The survey also revealed other dangers.

“This research shows that exposure to wagering advertising is leading to riskier betting behaviour and escalating the likelihood of experiencing gambling harms”.

Independent Senator David Peacock released a tweet pushing for the major parties to make a change when it comes to gambling reforms.

“There is urgent need for gambling reform. This is something that’s consistently raised with me and other crossbenchers,” he wrote.

“Gambling is causing so much harm in our community – it should NOT be normalised.”

Of the respondents, 64 percent believed that governments should play the biggest role in deciding how wagering is advertised.

The major concerns generated by the survey revolved around the relationship between gambling advertisements and children.

It was found that 53 percent of the participants thought that sports betting ads normalised gambling among children.

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