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Calombaris employees given $2.6 million in back-pay

Over 150 employees of George Calombaris’ restaurants have been underpaid by a total of $2.6 million dating back to 2011, following a blunder in the payment of correct salaries and overtime.

Of its 430 staff, the 162 affected employees of restaurants Hellenic Republic, Gazi and The Press Club will be back-paid an average of $16,000 each.

According to management, staff of Calombaris’ Greek street-food chain Jimmy Grants have not been affected.

Calombaris, one of three Masterchef hosts and owner and head chef of said restaurants, apologised in an email to his employees stating that the business had “let (employees) down on a fundamental, which is to ensure our people are paid what they are entitled to”.

The Made Establishment Group, Calombaris’ restaurant and hospitality business, was alerted to the problem by the Fair Work Ombudsman in 2015.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, despite the group being alerted to the issue, it was not properly investigated until the appointment of new chief executive of Made Establishment, Troy McDonagh, in October 2015.

“Further investigation by us at this time should have uncovered the problem and allowed the business to act with more speed and focus to sort it out,” said Calombaris in the aforementioned email to his employees.

Employees received their reimbursement on Monday.

Former staff who may have been affected by the pay issues have been asked to contact the company regarding back-payment.

Hostility towards Calombaris has flooded social media, characterising him as an exploiter of worker’s rights.

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