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Controversial health magazine pulled from supermarket shelves

Major supermarkets pull controversial health magazine from its shelves

Alternative health magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You has been pulled from the shelves at Coles and Woolworths.

The decision to pull the magazine, which claims to ‘help you make better health choices’, comes after 2GB’s radio host Ben Fordham slammed the magazine on air yesterday evening.

The latest issue of the magazine had articles on how to heal spinal injuries without surgery, healing diabetes, healing your heart after a heart attack, and an article on how to protect yourself from Wi-Fi and 5G.

Yesterday on his 2GB program, Fordham condemned the magazine, saying he couldn’t believe that the magazine was being stocked.

“What is Coles and Woolies doing, allowing these nutcases to spread this dangerous stuff at their checkouts,” he said.

“It’s full of absolute and utter crap.”

Fordham also took to Twitter to call out the two major supermarkets as to why the were stocking the magazine.

“Why are you stocking a magazine produced by lunatics who link vaccines to autism and downplay the dangers of coronavirus?” he said.

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Associate Professor of Medical Science Dr Darren Saunders said the information in the magazine was misleading in an interview with Fordham on 2GB yesterday.

“There’s a reason doctors don’t tell you the stuff that’s in here, and that’s because a lot of it’s dangerous,” he said.

“I like to think Coles and Woolies have a higher standard when it comes to protecting the health of their customers.”

Coles released a statement, saying that content the supermarket was shown did not match what went on the shelves.

“Coles does not endorse the content of this magazine. What Coles was shown when they were originally shown the magazine, was different content to what is in this edition,” the supermarket said.

Woolworths also released a statement saying it does not endorse the magazine despite stocking it.

“The decision to stock a magazine doesn’t mean we endorse the editorial views it holds,” the supermarket said.

Initially both supermarkets decided against shelving the magazines, before shortly after pulling the plug.


Photo: Coles structure by Lennon Cheng available HERE and used under a Creative Commons Attribution. This image has not been modified.

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