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Devastating fire in New Zealand hostel

11 people are yet to be accounted for.

Six people have reportedly died in a fire in Loafers Lodge Hostel in Wellington, New Zealand, last night.

Fifty-two people were evacuated overnight leaving at least 11 people still not accounted for.

More fatalities are still expected, according to officials.

New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins gives his thanks to the fire and rescue teams for the incredible work that they have done.

“It was clearly a really difficult set of circumstances that they confronted when they got here. And a lot of work over the last few hours to get people out of the building, to stabilise the building,” he said.

In a tweet, Wellington City Council said that they are working closely with emergency services and other agencies to help the victims which includes finding them clothing and helping to arrange accommodation.

“We’re aware that the fire in Newtown has taken a tragic turn this morning and that the news that there have been fatalities is extremely distressing,” they said.

New Zealand’s AM Show¬†said that the 92-room hostel usually provides emergency accommodation, understanding that many of the tenants there are shift workers at the hospital.

Fire and emergency services were notified of the fire at 12:25am.

Photo: Fireman illustration By Pixabay available HERE and used under a Creative Commons licence. The image has not been modified.

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