Doctors help anti-vaxxers dodge immunisations

24 August 2017

Written by: Jarryd Barca

Melbourne Doctors are being accused of helping their patients avoid immunisations.

Three Melbourne doctors are being investigated for assisting parents in avoiding immunising their children.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is now investigating the situation after a video was released online.

The video showed one of the doctors explaining to an anti-vax audience how he had helped 600 families avoid immunisations, according to the Herald Sun.

Dr John Piesse, one of the doctors accused of helping children become exempt of vaccinations, was filmed speaking at a screening of the film ‘Vaxxed’.

In the scandalous footage that was published by the Herald Sun, Dr Piesse is heard explaining how he tries to beat the ‘no jab no play’ laws.

“I am a doctor who has been working hard for 18 months to try and help parents get exemption from vaccinated pain for vaccinated play with mixed success,” he said in the video.

“You need a doctor’s letter of contrary indication in the right form, provided the doctor has got the qualifications required for ‘no vax no pay’, or is a registered medical practitioner for ‘no vax no play’.

“I want you to know it is possible to get the exemption… there is hope,” Dr Piesse told the crowd.

Melbourne vaccination advocate and orthopaedic spine surgeon, Dr John Cunningham, told 3AW that many doctors have now succumbed to myths via “misinformation” that is being spread by anti-vax doctors.

“What I believe these doctors are doing is signing a form saying these children have a medical contraindication to vaccination… which is very rare to have,” he said.

Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley has expressed his concerns regarding anti-vax doctors manipulating families with young children.

Mr Foley said it was “not good enough” that it has taken over a year for a formal enquiry to take place.

The Herald Sun reported that Dr Piesse was referred to the AHPRA by the Health Department in August last year after similar accusations.

“It is deeply disappointing and concerning that after twelve months, an investigation into Dr Piesse’s practice has not yet been concluded by AHPRA,” Mr Foley told the Herald Sun.