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Fossil fuel protesters interrupt snooker championship

One said, "Oil and gas will kill us."

The World Snooker Championship has been disrupted by a pair of Just Stop Oil protesters due to new fossil fuel projects planned.

The two protesters, climate activists Margaret Reid and Eddie Whittingham, of Just Stop Oil, attempted to interrupt the competition at Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. The referee, Olivier Marteel, managed to stop one of them but the other was able to release the powder covering half of the baize.

“Oil and gas will kill us,” the protester yelled.

According to Just Stop Oil, the pair were demanding that the UK government stop new fossil fuel projects and called on UK sporting institutions “to join in civil resistance against the government’s genocidal policies”.

Reid said they don’t take these actions lightly but couldn’t remain a passive spectator.

“I am angry and heartbroken that I have found myself in a position where taking this sort of disruptive action is the only way to get heard,” they said.

Whittingham said they didn’t want to disrupt something people enjoyed but feels we’re facing an “extremely grave situation”.

“We can’t continue to sit back and act as if everything’s OK,” they said.

One of the two games resumed roughly 45 minutes later but the other table, covered by the powder, was to be re-clothed tonight. A decision will be made on if the match will continue at a later time.

Photo: Snooker by Joni-Pekka Luomala is available HERE and used under Creative Commons licence. This image has not been modified.

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