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French President lands in riot-hit New Caledonia

Emmanuel Macron vows to restore peace and calm promptly after more than a week of deadly riots leaving six people dead.

French President Emmanuel Macron has arrived in New Caledonia after more than a week of violent riots and civil unrest.

The president is set to meet with officials and local representatives to address the cause of the turmoil and the significant cost of reconstruction of damages.

“I will now go to the high commissioner’s office and listen. Listen to the institutional, economic and political forces,” he said.

The crisis sparked from a move in Paris to give electoral voting rights to non-Indigenous residents in New Caledonia. The riots have left six people dead and hundreds injured. Trails of burnt-out cars litter the streets, shops have been looted and road barricades are restricting access to essentials such as medicine and food.



“My wish, along with the ministers and the entire government is to stand with the people so that we can return to peace, to calm and safety as quickly as possible. This is the top priority,” Macron said.

Since the riots started, French authorities have offered seats on departure flights for tourists. The Australian government evacuated 84 Australians and 24 foreign nationals on military transport planes on Tuesday from Noumea, New Caledonia’s Capital.

A third flight arrived in Brisbane Wednesday night carrying 103 tourists, with more flights planned in the coming days.

The president is set to announce decisions from today’s meeting with the officials and local representatives.


Photo: French President Emmanuel Macron by Plamen Stoimenov is available HERE and is used under a Creative Commons Licence. This image has not been modified.

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