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Holden says goodbye to Australia

After nearly a century of Australian car manufacturing, Holden will be the last brand to ever come out of Australian factories. At least half a dozen vehicles will be manufactured today with the last one to be a red commodore.

Nearly a century of Australian made car manufacturing will see an end after the North Adelaide Holden production factory will close for the last time today.

This will also mark the end for 69 years of Australian manufacturing for the brand in the country.

Dozen’s of cars pulled outside of the Elizabeth factory to show their respect to the Lion brand, with about 1000 employees, both past and present, to attend a private ceremony.

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Shilane Quist parked her Holden Tarana outside the factory to show support for the workers and their families.

“I’m just proud that Elizabeth has got something like this, and it’s very sad it’ll be closing today,” she told the ABC.

Robert McPharlin, arrived in his ute to thank the workers himself. “It’s more about the celebration of an icon that’s coming to an end,” he said.

“It’s a celebration of the workers that actually built these fabulous cars. It’s just really sad that it has to all end.”

While others took to social media to share their fond memories of Holden impacting their lives, Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull shared his thoughts about it on 3AW with Neil Mitchell.

“I feel very sad as we all do it’s the end of an era, you can’t get away from the emotional response to the closure,” he said.

Holden will now become an importer of its vehicles, expecting 20 new vehicles to roll out by 2020.

The next generation of Holden Commodore will come to Australia in March, from Germany.

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