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Liberals move to expel MP Moira Deeming after attending rally

A neo-Nazi group was also present at the rally

Liberal MP Moira Deeming is set to be expelled from the party after her participation in an anti-transgender rally.

Deeming spoke at the “Let Women Speak” event held by British anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull outside Victorian Parliament on Saturday.

A group of neo-Nazis attended the rally and repeatedly performed the Nazi salute, while police tried to keep counter-protestors at bay.

Opposition leader John Pesutto confirmed he would motion at the next party meeting to expel Deeming as a member of the Liberal Party.

“Moira Deeming not only attended this protest on the steps of parliament, but was actively involved in different ways in the organisation and promotion of this protest at which there were speakers with known links to neo-Nazis…. I won’t have any of it,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

Pessuto also met up with Deeming on Sunday to discuss her participation in the rally which was associated with far right groups and Neo Nazis.

In a social media post, Ms Deeming said she was disappointed with Victoria Police for letting in the masked men at the rally.

The former teacher and City of Melton councillor was elected to the Victorian Parliament last year as a member for Western Metropolitan region. She replaced former MP Bernie Finn after he was expelled from the Liberal Party following his comments on banning abortion in Victoria even for rape survivors.

Deeming criticised “left-wing” educational curriculums and used her inaugural speech in parliament to call for an inquiry into transition practises.

“The final straw which compelled me to challenge the government head on was discovering that school policies and curriculums had been radically altered,” she said.

Her anti trans views extended to condemning new measures to include trans women in female-only change rooms and sports.

Following the events of the rally on Saturday Attorney-General Jaclyn Syme said that the government would introduce legislation to ban the Nazi salute.

Photo: Legislative Council Chamber, Parliament House, Victoria Australia by Rexness is available HERE. The photo has not been modified.

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