Melbourne’s warm weather here to stay

7 March 2018

Written by: Shannon Jenkins

Sweater weather isn't here yet, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Summer is here to stay in Victoria, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

Senior climatologist Andrew Watkins has forecasted that summer weather patterns will continue.

“Autumn is looking warm and also quite dry the further inland you get,” Watkins said.

The Bureau predicts that temperatures will be above average from March to May.

This follows Victoria’s third hottest summer for minimum temperatures on record, according to the Herald Sun.

The mercury will rise to a maximum of 29c today, with a top of 29c tomorrow.

Warm temperatures will remain over the weekend, with Friday reaching a sunny 29c and Saturday reaching 31c.

Sunday is predicted to be cloudy with a top of 29c.

Watkins attributes this to a weak La Niña system that will likely end in autumn.

“This La Niña has only had a weak influence on Australian climate, particularly when compared to the last La Niña (2010-12) when Australia experienced its wettest two years on record,” he said.

A La Niña typically brings wet weather, but this season will be drier than usual.