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More monkeypox vaccine supplies will be available

However supplies for the vaccines are limited globally.

More vaccines for the viral monkeypox (MPX) disease will be available starting next week.

There are currently two vaccines to prevent MPX available here in Australia, with the 2nd generation MPX vaccine (JYNNEOS) being the preferred treatment for the disease.

However, according to the Department of Health and Aged care, Australia is pursuing additional stocks of the MPX vaccine (JYNNEOS), but global supplies are currently limited.

Last week, Australia’s chief medical officer Paul Kelly declared the MPX disease as a “communicable disease incident of national significance”.

This was followed by the World Health Organisation’s declaring the global situation surrounding MPX a “public health emergency” of international concerns.

As of August 2, Australia has confirmed 53 cases of MPX, whereas more than 2o,000 cases of the disease have been identified across the world.


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