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Netflix is cracking down on shared accounts

Users will have to pay $7.99 to share accounts.

Netflix has announced that users will no longer be able to share accounts outside of their homes.

The company estimated that more than 100 million households are sharing their accounts with friends and family, however new changes regarding password sharing has been expanded to over 100 other countries.

In an email sent to customers about account sharing, Netflix stated that paying customers will need to pay an additional fee of AUD$7.99 to add a user outside of their homes. Netflix will use IP addresses to determine the account’s primary home location.

The new changes will allow users to transfer profiles so that users don’t lose their viewing history.

Australians will reportedly receive emails from today, which will outline the new changes.


Photo: Netflix by Lyncconf Games available HERE and used under a Creative Commons Licence. The image has not been modified

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