Paramedics caught in drug scandal

18 September 2017

Written by: Jacob Manzie

Two-year IBAC investigation undertaken on Ambulance Victoria has found some sketchy dealings.

Nine paramedics have been sacked or resigned after an investigation by IBAC found multiple staff members of Ambulance Victoria were drug dealing and drug trafficking.

The secret investigation, called Operation Tone, was conducted for two-years in the Geelong region and found multiple issues.

Operation Tone examined misuse of the painkiller, Fentanyl, however, it has returned other disturbing results.

At least one in 20 Geelong paramedics have been suspended over the last six months.

A further five Geelong paramedics have also undergone disciplinary action for professional misconduct.

Two paramedics are believed to have died from the painkiller in the past three years.

IBAC on Thursday confirmed it was finalising an investigation into “drug-related allegations concerning employees of Ambulance Victoria” but did not provide further details.

Tony Walker said legal restrictions prevented further information being released.

Mr Walker said Ambulance Victoria did not tolerate staff flouting its high standards.