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Port Adelaide admits “significant mistake” in Aliir concussion

The club was fined $100,000.

Port Adelaide has responded to being fined $100,000 for failing to adhere to the AFL concussion guidelines after defender Aliir Aliir suffered a head knock on Saturday night.

Aliir was involved in a head clash with teammate Lachie Jones in the second quarter of the match against the Adelaide Crows. Jones was subbed out with a migraine, while Aliir was cleared to keep playing without undergoing a SCAT5 concussion test.

Port Adelaide’s general manager of football Chad Davies said the club made a “significant mistake” in not following the concussion guidelines appropriately.

“We understand concussion and the protection of the brain health of all those playing our game is paramount,” he said in the statement.

Davies also said that the football club was still supportive of long-time club doctor Mark Fisher, who made the call.

“Our club doctor owned the mistake and publicly acknowledged his error,” Davies said.

Half the fine will come out of Port Adelaide’s football department soft cap. The other $50,000 will come from outside the soft cap, unless the club fails to follow the concussion protocols prior to the end of next year’s AFL and AFLW seasons.

Stephen Meade, member of AFL general counsel, said Port Adelaide admitted that Aliir should have undergone SCAT5 testing immediately.

“By not undertaking the test, and Aliir returning to the game without being subject to that further detailed assessment, Allir’s wellbeing was potentially at increased risk,” he said.

According to AFL concussion guidelines, any player who receives a head knock needs to undergo a head injury assessment (HIA), then depending on the results of the HIA, a SCAT5 test may be necessary.


Photo: Goal by Stephen Beaumont available HERE and used under a Creative Commons license. This image has not been modified.

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