Same sex marriage facing plebiscite vote

8 August 2017

Written by: Jiordan Tolli

Coalition meet to decide position on gay marriage in Australia.

The Turnbull government will today make a decision on whether or not to sanction a plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

The meeting comes after Liberal MP’s rejected the idea to allow a free vote.

Many are frustrated with the announcement with hundreds of people tweeting via the #plebiscite hashtag.

In November last year the Greens, Labor, Derryn Hinch and the Nick Xenophon Team joined forces to block the governments same sex marriage plebiscite proposal in the Senate.

“The NXT position hasn’t changed – we don’t support a plebiscite on marriage equality, as the elected parliament it’s our duty to vote on legislation,” Skye Kakoschke-Moore said to the Guardian.

If the Senate knock back another plebiscite bill then we could see a postal plebiscite.

It would be an optional ballot where all eligible voters are mailed out voting papers for them to return by post.

Today Show host Karl Stefanovic is one of many Australians calling “a non-binding, non-compulsory postal vote… complete BS.”

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann gave a press conference yesterday explaining the Liberal Party’s position on same-sex marriage.

“Our preference is to give the Australian people a say through a compulsory attendance plebiscite. Should that not succeed through the Senate, the government believes that there is a legal and constitutional way forward to give the Australian people a say through a non-legislated, voluntary postal plebiscite,” he said.

Minister Cormann confirmed that the Liberal Party room “resolved to maintain the policy” that was taken “to the last election.”

“Give the Australian people a say on whether or not the definition of marriage should be changed in our Marriage Act.”

If the plebiscite bill passes through the Senate, the vote will be held on November 25.

A decision should be made as early as this week.