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Senator Lidia Thorpe embroiled in fight outside strip club

The argument was filmed on an iPhone

Senator Lidia Thorpe has been banned for life at Maxine’s Gentleman Club in Brunswick after a heated exchange with a group of men outside the strip club.

The Independent Senator was filmed on a mobile phone hurling abuse outside the venue at 3am Sunday morning.

“All I want to say to the black brothers there and anyone that we’re fighting,” she said.

“Any black man that stands with the f—ing white little c— like that, youse can all get f—ed too.”

As her friend tried to drag her away, she tells another man “you are marked.”

Senator Thorpe told 7 News she did not start the exchange but responded to harassment from the men.

David Ross, general manager of Maxine’s, said he looked at the security footage and spoke to the bouncers at the club.

“She came in with three people and she was just Lidia Thorpe. She was argumentative. I am told she was going up to some of our European punters and saying they had ‘stolen her land.’ It started before she got out the front and when she got out the front that’s when it took off,” Ross said.

Ross also said she was not intoxicated, and sent a letter to her office informing she is no longer welcome at the club.

Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek said Senator Thorpe’s behaviour was unacceptable.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a member of Parliament or your average person, I think that sort of behaviour in public is just not acceptable,” Plibersek told Sunrise on Monday morning.

Senator Jacqui Lambie said she should take responsibility for her actions, and she is “part of the problem.”

“There is no getting out of this, you are a politician, and sometimes we do muck up but not taking any responsibility for that yourself is not very helpful,” Lambie told Sky News on Monday morning.

Photo: Park Hotel is a hellhole: Free The Refugees by Matt Hrkac available HERE and used under a Creative Commons license. This image has not been modified.

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