Social Situation: Interview with Mia Freedman

5 September 2011

Written by: Erdem Koc

The Social Situation is a six-part podcast series brought to you by upstart. 

Over the next six weeks, we will be chatting with some of the top social media users from around the world to find out what lessons they’ve learnt online.

This week, Australian author, columnist and TV host Mia Freedman talks to Social Situation host Sean Power about her online media empire MamaMia.  Since its launch in 2007, the brand has become one of the most successful Australian women’s websites, building up a social media army of over 65,000.

But it hasn’t all been clear sailing.

Following a divisive morning television segment earlier this year, Mia faced a vicious social media backlash. So, what social media lessons did Mia learn from ‘Cadelgate’?  And what techniques have helped her to build up MamaMia?  Listen below.

The Must-Follows

Each week, Sean will asks guests to suggest three names to the Social Situation‘s ‘must-follow’ list.  Here are Mia’s suggestions:

1 – Comedian and actor Brendan Maclean;

2 – MamaMia News, moderated by Rick Morton; and

3 – Journalist and Today morning show host Lisa Wilkinson.

Next Week

Next week, the Social Situation‘s guest is Reuters Social Media Editor, Anthony De Rosa, who The New York Times recently declared the ‘undisputed king of Tumblr’.

Sean Power is a first-year Bachelor of Media Studies student at La Trobe University, and the founder of the Social Situation.  You can follow him on Twitter: @powersoz