Sydney Marathon runners hospitalised after hot temperatures

18 September 2023

Written by: Sarah Varcoe

Paramedics treated 40 people as temperatures reached 32 degrees.

At least 26 marathon runners have been hospitalised after hot temperatures during the Sydney Marathon on Sunday.

More than 17,000 people took part in the race as they battled the unexpected heat. Temperatures reportedly reached 32 degrees throughout the marathon.

Paramedics tended to more than 40 people from heat exhaustion.

Authorities told the media that seven of the 26 people were in a serious condition due to temperatures being hotter than predicted.

“As of 4pm Sunday, NSW Ambulance provided treatment to 40 people who required medical attention during the Sydney Marathon,” NSW Ambulance spokesperson said.

“26 patients were transported to hospital via ambulance, with seven people in a serious condition. Private medical responders also provided support during the event.”

Sydney’s forecast over the next three days is predicted to be above 30 degrees. This has participants questioning if the race can start at an earlier time in future years.

“The advice received was that the safest thing to do was to start it at the time it did,” a race organiser said.

“Moving the start time of the Sydney Marathon to an earlier time to avoid the heat would be impossible due to other associated running events including a half-marathon and family fun run would have created a dangerous environment with bottlenecks on the course,” they said.


PHOTO: Sydney_Marathon_3440 by Douglas Kelley available HERE and used under a Creative Commons license. This image has not been modified.