Teens arrested in South-East Melbourne burglary

18 September 2023

Written by: Sarah Varcoe

A 2015 Mercedes Tourer worth $70,000 was stolen and found in the Yarraville Gardens.

Five teenagers have been arrested after a burglary in Melbourne’s South-East on Sunday night.

Four boys and one girl, aged from 15 to 17, have been arrested after the group allegedly stole a car from a Brighton home before a police pursuit ensued.

At approximately 12.20am, police were called to Brighton after reports of a burglary. Upon investigation, it was discovered the car, a 2015 Mercedes Tourer, had been stolen from the property and that the intruder had fled the house.

The stolen vehicle was later spotted on the Nepean Highway heading towards inner city Melbourne.

Police patrol cars pursued the vehicle along St Kilda Road, Southbank and over the Bolte Bridge with helicopters following the chase from above. The stolen vehicle reportedly reached speeds of up to 170kph during the pursuit.

The teenagers fled on foot after dumping the stolen Mercedes at Yarraville Gardens. The Victorian police dog squad was called in to scope the area and found two occupants hiding on a residential property roof, two in a backyard shed and one in a backyard.

Police are underway with interviewing the suspects. Detectives are also investigating if the teens are connected to an aggravated burglary in Bentleigh.

The five teenagers are likely to be interviewed over the aggravated burglary, theft of a motor vehicle and traffic-related offences.


Photo: .Victoria Police Car by Gerald’s World available HERE and used under a Creative Commons license. This image has not been modified.