Ten reasons Tinder is tops

6 March 2014

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By now, most people will have heard about the dating app Tinder, including the coupled-up love birds.

I know this because I’ve come across your account, which means, that yes, I do have Tinder myself.

For those of you unfamiliar with the app, here’s a little run down. You have an account to put up to six of your best model shots, as well as space to talk about your love of the gym, gym-selfies and bulking. You then set your ‘radius’, as well as your age range to whatever tickles your fancy – from cougar status to money-hungry gold digger. You’re then presented with profiles based on your chosen settings and can either ‘swipe left’, giving the person the big no, or ‘swipe right’ which indicates you like what you’ve seen.

According to CEO and co-founder of Tinder, Sean Rad, the app is now doing 750 million ‘swipes’ and matching up to 10 million people a day, up from five million just three months ago.

Am I on it to find love? No way! (Never, ever will the words, “Mum this is Dave, we met on Tinder”, exit my mouth). I am, however, unashamed to say I love a cheeky ‘Tindy stalk’, perhaps more than the average tinderella.

Waiting for a tram, check Tinder. There’s an ad break on TV, check Tinder. Hot guy working out next to you at the gym – Tinder! I think you’ve got the idea.

So why am I on the dating app that’s been labeled as the place for a ‘booty call’? Many times I’ve found my finger hovering over the ‘delete account’ button, but the entertainment my girlfriends and I get from the cheesey pick up lines and the awful pictures is too great to ever remove myself from this ridiculous app.

If you haven’t tried it, before you knock it, here are ten reasons why Tinder is tops:

1. That ‘instant match’ satisfaction –

Anyone who’s experienced an instant match (occurring when someone has liked your profile before you also like their’s, resulting in a match) will agree there is no better feeling. Not even mum’s roast comes close to that wave of fulfillment you experience when it’s revealed he liked you first.


2. Those pick up lines –

Being asked, “Who would win a fight between a hippopotamus and a rhinoceros?” as an opening line is reason enough to have the app. People who sit and think of such ridiculous questions deserve my time. On the contrary, being told that I have a “sexy rig”, and that it would “look good on top of me” is reason enough to exercise a little caution.

3. When you see someone you know –

It’s happened to all of us. That moment when you see an old school friend, perhaps an old flame or heaven forbid a family member (quickly turning the amusement into downright awkwardness). Do you swipe right? Or left? Sometimes the possibility of an instant match is too much to handle, along with that embarrassing, “Ah, so we got matched on Tinder.”

4. When you see someone famous –

From experience, getting matched with someone famous (*cough* Olympic swimmer *cough*) is even better than an instant match with a mere mortal. It’s hard enough to believe they’ve even got Tinder, yet when a simple thumb to the right reveals they’ve already liked you, you’re like, “Me?! Really?!”

5. The entertainment value –

The amount of times my girlfriends and I have sat around having a ‘Tindy sesh’ has reached a number I do not wish to disclose. A benefit to having the same profiles popping up on your screen as your friends is the potential to mess with people. Having been matched with the same person as a friend, the guy asked us both out within a short amount of time. When we replied simultaneously, “Only if ______ can come”, it’s safe to say he was pretty embarrassed.

6. Feeling like a hot little mamma –

Say it together – “SELF CONFIDENCE”. As Tinder is based purely on looks, when those matches pile in, it’s hard to not think, “Gee, I’m a bit of alright.”

7. How big is your radius? –

Increasing or decreasing your Tinder radius to roam widely or keep things closer to home is a great way of finding out whether that hot physiotherapist who’s treating you for that ‘ankle injury’ is indeed single.

8. Gettin’ back in the game –

Newly single? Get on Tinder. You won’t regret it. At all. Ever.

9.  International roaming

Tinder is a great way for those foreign to our shores to meet people and make new friends. And it helps if you put ‘British’ in your biography too.

10. You never know –

All this mockery of Tinder is perhaps a little harsh. It actually does serve its intended purpose of online dating. Just look at this couple that met and later married – all thanks to Tinder.

So now you’ve read the reasons as to why Tinder is just a bit of entertainment, go to the app store and download that thing (but I know you’ve got it, admit it already).


Alice Piper is a third-year Bachelor of Journalism student and is the Fashion & Lifestyle Editor for upstart. Follow her on Twitter: @PiperAlice