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The Jaimo and Ferg show: Rock climbing edition

Jaimon and Ava try rock climbing with the mountaineering club, but where’s Ferg you might ask? You’ll just have to find that out in this episode.

Jaimon Macmullan and Ava Stone try their hands at rock climbing this week with La Trobe University’s Mountaineering Club.

President of the club, Bing Biao, and general committee member, Katrina Ratzliff, help them reach new heights through the sport and take extra special care of heartbroken Jaimon, who had to carry on without the injured Ferg. 


Producers: Awab Elbashir, Ava Stone

Reporters: Ava Stone, Jaimon Macmullan

Editor: Awab Elbashir

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