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Welcome to ‘The Ag’ – Episode 3

In our third episode, we visited the Wildlife Sanctuary's new emus, the food bank and looked at new research that could accurately predict AFL draft picks.

In our third episode of The Ag, presented by our hosts Ava Stone and Ruby Bartzis, our field reporters cover the top stories in the La Trobe University community and beyond. 

This week, Kim Vy Ngo went to Nangak Tamboree Wildlife Sanctuary to get up close to our new feathered friends, three new emus. We also talked to the sanctuary’s operations manager, Olivia Swain, live in the studio.

Ruby Bartzis spoke to La Trobe’s food bank initiative, learned how it operates and its impacts on students

Ari Stamatakos looked into the new research study, led by LTU sports scientist Jacob Jennings, that harnesses the power of artificial neural networks to accurately predict AFL draft picks. 

In the third week of the Jaimo and Ferg show, the team reaches new heights with the La Trobe Mountaineering Club. In this week’s segment, Ava takes on Ferg’s role.

But, where has Ferg gone? Tune into this episode to find out.  

This week’s latest news was presented by Ari Stamatakos. Reporting for sports was Jaimon Macmullan.

This episode was filmed on Thursday 9th May 2024.



Producer: Awab Elbashir

Presenters: Ari Stamatakos, Ava Stone, Jaimon Macmullan, Ruby Bartzis

Field reporters: Ari Stamatakos, Ava Stone, Jaimon Macmullan, Kim Vy Ngo, Ruby Bartzis

Technical operators: Errol Hayden, Kim Vy Ngo

Content and communications officer: Kim Vy Ngo

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