Who will win a Walkley?

26 November 2009

Written by: Tom Cowie

The most prestigious night in Australian journalism takes place tonight, when the 54th Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism are handed out in Sydney.

Established in 1956, the Walkleys are awarded annually for outstanding work in the fields of journalism. According to The Walkley Foundation, the Gold Walkley is “considered the pinnacle of journalistic achievement”.

The Walkleys are often regarded as the Pulitzer Prize of Australian journalism, the pointy trophies are considered a career highlight for many journalists. There are awards in 34 categories, covering the fields of print, television, radio and online journalism. Past winners of the awards include Kerry O’Brien, Ron Tandberg, and Paul Bongiorno.

It’s not just top reporters that are recognised tonight, awards are also handed out to photographers, students and the young Australian journalist of the year.

The awards will be broadcast tonight from the Australian Jockey Club in Sydney. Coverage begins at 10pm on SBS1. Annabel Crabb, Canberra correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald will be the host.

Be sure to tune in, who knows there even may be a repeat of the barney of 2006.

POSTSCRIPT: Full details of all the Walkley winners can be found here.