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100 articles — ‘Mahatma Gandhi and Mass Media’

In her latest selection for our '100 articles about journalism that every journalist should read' project, Jane Hosking recommends this account of Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy about the media - and the contribution he made to it.

Mahatma Gandhi and Mass Media‘ by Prof. V. S. Gupta

Most people may know that Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer, a peace activist and a key leader in the Indian struggle for independence from the British. Yet, it is usually forgotten that Gandhi too was a journalist.

I have often been hesitant to enter into a career in journalism due to a fear of being transformed into a vulture-like creature that thrives on the misfortune of others. While some journalists may fit this stereotype, Professor V.S. Gupta challenges this negative view of journalists.

Using the example of Gandhi, he demonstrates that the profession is not incompatible with moral integrity. Gupta reveals that there is much we can learn about journalism from Gandhi; his ethical approach to the profession, and his view that the media is ‘a means to serve the public’ provides valuable direction for all aspiring journalists.

This article is a timely reminder that while journalism has great power to cause destruction it also has great power to do good.

Jane Hosking is a Master of Global Communications student at La Trobe University. This piece is part of the ‘100 articles’ project. To see the list so far or to learn more about the project, including how you can contribute to it, click here.

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