Between the Lines is seeking contributors

9 March 2010

Written by: Kelly Theobald

Words and pictures wanted: Inspire Foundation is a non-profit organisation aimed at improving young people’s health. Through funding from the Department of Health and Aging, the foundation has just developed and launched Between the Lines, a website that aims to build a community where young people can discuss and debate issues relating to drugs with others and find information. The ultimate aim is to inform and reduce problematic use of drugs.

Marianne Webb, who works for Inspire Foundation, says “It’s a really exciting opportunity to develop an innovative and much-needed resource for young people that does not take a zero-tolerance approach.” The target audience is  18 to 25-year-old “recreational” drug takers who don’t perceive their drug use as a problem (ie those who hold jobs, go to uni, have relationships but also regularly take illicit drugs as part of their socialising.)

Between the Lines features a blogging platform and Marianne is looking for written and video pieces on news, culture, policy and law. This is a great opportunity for students to get experience in producing words and images and getting published online.

For more information, contact Marianne Webb at