Breakfast vacancies at 3CR

10 February 2010

Written by: Tom Cowie

Melbourne community radio station 3CR is currently seeking some volunteers to join its weekday breakfast shows.

Volunteering on a 3CR Breakfast show would be great for any students who are politically left-of-centre, and who have an interest in news, current affairs, and radio.

It’s a great opportunity for students to build a range of skills including on-air announcing, interviewing, production, and presentation.

Volunteers will get experience with a live on-air broadcast studio, as well as with audio editing tools, portable recorders, and other studio equipment.

Working on a breakfast show involves being on a team of three or four people, who are then responsible for putting together a breakfast news and current affairs show one weekday morning each week.

The volunteer would be responsible for organising one or two interviews per week, as well as critically analysing one of Melbourne’s newspapers during a segment called ‘The Front Page’.

On the day of their show, volunteers will need to be in at the 3CR studios at about 6 AM to pre-prepare for the morning’s show (including reading through the morning’s papers). The show goes to air between 7 AM and 8:30 AM.

During the show, aside from being on-air for their interviews and ‘The Front Page’, they also get to perform other roles (for example, producing and panelling) on a rotating basis.

The 3CR studios are at 21 Smith St Fitzroy, which is a short walk from both the 86 tram (which runs past  La Trobe University), as well as North Richmond station (on the Epping and Hurstbridge lines, which are the two train lines closest to La Trobe). So it will be easy for students to get in on time for an 11AM lecture or tute after working at 3CR.

It’s important to note that this is a volunteer position, but it’s a volunteer position where students won’t be exploited by a for-profit business, and where they will get a chance to do a range of things (for example announcing on air) which they wouldn’t normally be able to do in an entry-level position at a commercial station.

Those interested should get in touch with Gab Reade at, or by phone at 9419 8377. Full details can be found at at