Crikey special subscription offer

26 February 2010

Written by: Lawrie Zion

The web-based publication Crikey has announced details of special 2010 subscription rates for all media and journalism students and lecturers. To quote from their letter of offer:

‘Crikey realised we needed to make subscriptions more affordable for media and journalism students and lecturers. So we did.

Crikey is one of Australia’s leading independent media providers, owned by media industry veterans Diana Gribble and Eric Beecher, produced by editor Sophie Black, and features a team of dedicated journalists (including Crikey founder Stephen Mayne). The reason Crikey is an essential part of the media diet for a journalism student is not just the news we present – it’s that our position outside mainstream media means we can scrutinise it, and its practices, in a way that others can’t.

‘So not only do we present news, we’re also looking at other newsmakers, and the media in general. We’re having an ongoing discussion about ethics, and constantly assessing and exploring the developments and issues in technology that impact on the industry.

‘It’s not just our content, but our very structure, our longevity – these make us genuinely significant in the media landscape.

        ‘Other great reasons to subscribe to Crikey include:

  1. Tips & Rumours: This is the stuff that headlines are made of – find out who’s the subject of whispers before the mainstream media do;
  2. Primary Sources: we give you access to a steady stream of leaked documents, internal emails, court transcripts and company memos that the spin merchants would prefer you didn’t see;
  3. Eric Beecher on media: regular commentary and analysis from Crikey’s publisher as the media landscape continues to evolve at blistering speed both here and overseas;
  4. Our own federal election: will it end in a landslide for Rudd or signal the Coalition’s redemption?
  5. Guy Rundle hits the road again: this time to bring you Rundle’s Britain. His coverage of this year’s pivotal UK election promises to go well beyond the ballot box;
  6. Midterm Madness: in between flitting around the UK, Rundle will also be covering the US midterm congressional elections; and
  7. Crikey’s 10th Birthday: We’ve turned 10 this month!

‘These only apply to paid subscribers of Crikey.

‘The usual subscription for Crikey is normally $150 and we would like to extend a subscription rate of:

  • $35 for students
  • $50 for media and journalism lecturers.

‘That’s a saving of over 66% for the cost of a usual individual subscription!

To set up your student subscription, click here. Journalism and media lecturers can do the same by going here.