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18 September 2009

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Hungry Beast is a new topical TV program that starts on ABC1 at 9pm on Wednesday 30th September, when the Hungry Beast website will also go live.

Hungry Beast (previously known as Project NEXT) is being produced by Zapruder’s other films and broadcast on the ABC and on the web.

Hungry Beast is a fresh take on the world with just one instruction: “Tell us something that we don’t know”.

Each week, the show will produce a half-hour of topical TV, as well as daily web content, bringing viewers news from outside the loop.

And the show is looking for YOU to contribute to its website and the TV program.

Hungry Beast wants its stories to be informed by and built on by the audience participant, through the instantaneous and occasionally terrifying power of the Internet.  The site will not just recycle clips from the TV program but will feature original yarns during the week, which may or may not end up on the TV show.

In addition to asking people to join its online community to commentate and contribute to its stories, the producers are also looking for originally produced videos.

They want 1-3 minute video stories on any topic that grabs your attention, makes your blood boil, cracks you up or has been neglected or misreported by the mainstream media. You can present it seriously or take the piss. Record it on a video camera, or on your mobile. Create a photo essay or use claymation if you have 1000 hours up your sleeve!

Video stories you produce should also aim to satisfy the Hungry Beast guiding principle that they tell us, “the audience”, something we didn’t already know.

If you become a member of the Hungry Beast site, the Hungry Beast online community will vote videos stories you contribute on and the most popular videos will have the potential to be broadcast nationally on TV.

If your video is up to standard and is broadcast on TV, you will also get paid for it. Full details of how it all works and guidelines for contributors will be available when the Hungry Beast website goes live on September 30.

You will be able to join the community and upload your stories when the website goes live. In the meantime you have a couple of weeks head start to get out there and start writing, shooting and editing.

You must ensure your work does not contain any words, art, music, photographs, sound recording, footage or other material you have not created.

Videos you submit should also have reasonable quality pictures and have decent sound you can hear and understand.

Your videos should also not defame any person, or abuse or vilify people. If they do, or if they contain copyright material that wasn’t created by you, the videos wont be cleared for publication on the website and you’ll have wasted a lot of time and effort.

There are a few terms and conditions which you will need to agree to before joining the Hungry Beast community, which will be available on the site in a couple of weeks, and for content producers, one of the main ones is the following:

By submitting your Work to the Hungry Beast website you grant to Zapruder’s other films and the ABC, and their licensees and assignees a non-exclusive licence to exercise all rights in perpetuity throughout the world in your Work, and in all other materials provided by you to the ABC, including the right to include your Work as part of the Program, and to commercialise your Work, but only in association with Hungry Beast”.

While you have granted and non-exclusive in perpetuity license for your work to Zapruder’s other films/ABC by submitting it to Hungry Beast, all content posted to Hungry Beast will remain the intellectual property of the author, unless it is purchased by Zapruder’s other films and the ABC for broadcast, in which case, it becomes exclusive property of Zapruder’s other films/ABC and may be used in perpetuity, globally, for any use, at any time.

In plain English that means you will grant the show a non-exclusive right to use videos or other work you submit to Hungry Beast forever, but you will still own it and have the right post it to other sites or, sell it, or do whatever else you like with it, forever. Unless we buy a video from you, in which case we will have exclusive use of that video forever, but you will still be able to keep a copy to show you family and friends.

With the legalese it out of the way, if you’re up for it, it’s time start coming up with ideas and planning shoots for video stories ASAP as the first season of Hungry Beast will run for 10 weeks and finishes in early December.

You can register your email address NOW at and you will be sent a reminder email on September 30 to go back for more information and to join the community.