Guest Lecture – Waleed Aly

30 September 2010

Written by: Lawrie Zion

How should journalists report on ethnic minorities, as well as racial and religious controversies?

The often inflammatory language used in the media to discuss the proposed Islamic Cultural Center in Lower Manhattan, and its inaccurate characterisation as a ‘Ground Zero mosque’ has brought some of these issues to the fore again.

Should the media have a special role in fostering tolerance and multiculturalism? And what happens when it has the opposite effect?

Today at 4 pm, writer, broadcaster and academic Waleed Aly will join La Trobe Journalism’s ‘Dilemmas in Journalism – Legal and Ethical Issues’ class for a guest lecture on how not to stereotype the people you write about. As well as appearing regularly on ABC radio and in a range of print outlets,  Waleed is writing a PhD at Monash where he also lectures at the university’s Global Terrorism Research Centre.

The lecture will be held at 4 this afternoon in the Economics Lecture Theatre, Room 214. All welcome.

Waleed Aly was recently joined by La Trobe Journalism’s Lawrie Zion on the Conversation Hour on 774 ABC Melbourne. You can catch their conversation here.