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It’s (almost) summer at upstart

We're going into summer mode here at upstart magazine, which means a variety of things for this publication, including a new editorial team.

Most of you would have started to work on your summer tans and start reforming that wardrobe to better reflect the warmer weather (unless you’re in Melbourne, of course).

We’ve done the same.  Well, sort of the same.

You would have noticed that we’ve got a new look.  Our colour hasn’t changed much – we’re still as orange as ever.  But the layout of the page has changed a little.  It’s all thanks to Samantha Afetian, one of upstart‘s outgoing editorial team members, and as always, our production and managing editor, Chris Scanlon.

But just because we’ve changed, it doesn’t mean you need to do.  We still want to you to keep reading over summer.  And contributing!

We’re grateful for all the excellent contributions over the past year, which have ranged from sport and opinion pieces to gig reviews.  But just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean you should forget about us.  There’s loads of sport over summer, as well as all those music festivals people like to head to, so why not write a preview or review of your experiences? (If you do choose to, be sure to read our notes for contributors.)

And while we’ve got you, let’s introduce our co-editors for the summer.  We hope you like them.

Matt Smith, co-editor

Matt Smith is a Master of Global Communications student at La Trobe University. In the past year he’s been freelancing for ABC Radio National, Crikey and The Age, holding down a day job, teaching journalism, and watering his cactus (not a euphemism). He looks forward to leading a normal life, but feels like he’s trying to lead three. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @nightlightguy

Mary-Lou Ciampa, co-editor

Mary-Lou Ciampa is completing her Graduate Diploma in Journalism at La Trobe University. Having taught languages and science for several years, she is interested in education,  social affairs and the arts. When not in the classroom or adding to her blog, she is out watching dance or theatre. You can read more of Mary-Lou’s work on her blog, or follow her on Twitter: @zialulu

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