Ossie Awards for student journalism

23 August 2010

Written by: Sarah Green

The 2010 Ossie Awards for student journalism are on their way.

The annual awards are organized by the Journalism Education Association of Australia (JEAA) and named after journalist Osmar  S. White. There are 16 entry categories available including awards for the best print, radio and TV features. From the winners of these categories, the Best Story (Any Medium) and Best Student Publication (Any Medium) will be picked.

Winners will be announced November 24-26 at the JEAA Conference in Sydney.

The deadline for submissions is October 8 and late entries will not be accepted. Please note: institutions must have at least two financial JEAA members to enter and entries must be coordinated through university teaching staff.

For the entry form and further details, click here. Enquiries to: sandra.symons@uts.edu.au