Social Situation host features on Mamamia

27 October 2011

Written by: Erdem Koc

The host of upstart‘s Social Situation, Sean Power, will be a guest on tonight’s Mamamia program on Sky News.

Sean, who is a first-year student in the Bachelor of Media Studies at La Trobe University, was invited on the program by host Mia Freedman.  Sean had interviewed Mia in the first episode of Social Situation.

Sean has been described by Mia (who has since labelled herself as his ‘fairy godmother’) as many things, from a ‘great tweeter’, who has a ‘brilliant name’ with a ‘brilliant story attached’.

Sean will be talking about a lot of things on the program, or as Mia puts it, he’ll be talking about ‘sex and a lot of other things’.  Will be an interesting watch, indeed!

Tune in to Mamamia tonight at 9.15pm on Sky News.

Here’s the program promo: