Summer internship contest

17 November 2009

Written by: Lawrie Zion

CulturalDiversity News wants to help up to five young Australians from diverse backgrounds across the country to spend some of the summer developing new ways of communicating about cultural diversity and human rights.

If you’re interested, first check out their website.

Then, think about a project that you’d like to do that will extend the site and build its audiences. Your project also has to have a human rights angle.

It could be a blog, a photo-essay, a video project, a news round, an investigation, coverage of music, bands, philosophies, religions, sport…. it needs to be exciting to do and draw audiences that will follow the project as it develops.

Conditions: you have to be a student or recent graduate, you’ll need a short cv including your recent grades, and most importantly, a project proposal: what you want to do, why you are the person to do it, and what the outcomes might be.

What you get: supervised internship either in real or cyberspace, 10 hours paid attachment per week for four weeks (starting January 11). Payment is $25 per hour. And a chance to be someone who makes a difference.

For information or to apply send us an email

Applications close: Midnight 4 December 2009

Winners notified: Monday 14 December 2009