SYN are seeking volunteers for 2011

19 October 2010

Written by: Ryan Dunn

SYN, the Melbourne-based, Student Youth Network are in the process of creating their 2011 production and management teams. There are a range of volunteer roles available across the Executive Producer, manager, assistants and programming areas for television, radio and online.  Applications close on Sunday, the 24 October.

SYN is a youth-run media organisation that seeks to provide training and broadcast opportunities for young Australians. The network targets the 12-25 age group for both its audience and the bulk of its workforce.

Many former SYN volunteers have gone on to have successful journalism careers, including ABC radio’s Victorian political reporter, Ryan Sheales, FOX FM’s Breakfast Newsreader Carlie Bonavia, NOVA Newsreader Bree Roberts, financial commentator Scott Pape and Triple J music journalist Zan Rowe.

If you’re a journalism student looking for experience, or a media enthusiast looking for some fun, there are numerous roles across six different areas.

TV manager

The successful candidate will have the ability to shape the content of SYN’s prime-time shows on Channel 31.The role includes promoting and managing SYN’s television programming, while working closely with the radio and online managers to ensure efficient cross-platform content sharing and integration.

Radio programming (One manager and four committee members)

The radio programming manager position is one of the most demanding jobs in the organisation. They will be responsible for all radio content broadcast on SYN 90.7 FM, which includes formulating the radio programming grid, working closely with the TV and online managers to ensure efficient cross-platform integration.

The radio programming committee members assist the radio manager to ensure the smooth running of all radio broadcasting. This involves regular phone contact with show producers and presenters.

Online manager

SYN updated their website last year and is looking for someone to co-ordinate the site as well as manage SYN’s online presence via MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Previous experience in web design and web 2.0 principles would be an advantage. The online manager will also be in regular communication with TV and radio managers to ensure efficient cross-platform integration.

Executive Producers (Flagship programs & genre nights)

Executive producers control the direction of the show while overseeing the production for flagship programs or specific genre nights. They are in constant contact with radio programming managers as well as TV and online mangers.  Flagship programs range from news and current affairs, sports, music, sex & relationships, the arts and environment. Genre nights include indie electro, Asian pop, hip hop, punk and metal, dance and techno.

Music (music manager, assistant music manager and music librarian)

The music team is a crucial part of SYN. They are the central point of contact between SYN, record labels, PR companies and touring companies.


Talks personnel are responsible for organising guests, interviews and live on-air performances on radio and TV. They will establish and maintain music, entertainment, arts and external industry relationships on behalf of SYN.

For more information on the specific role, read through the Volunteer Information Kit.

For further information about SYN and application details, click here