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There’s hope yet: Fairfax CEO

Journalism will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of newspapers, according to Fairfax CEO Greg Hywood, who gave a public lecture in Melbourne last night. And as Matt Smith reports, he’s quite confident in the industry’s future.

Navigating the disconnect

Robert Manne’s critique of The Australian has been the topic of much debate in recent weeks. But as Suzannah Marshall Macbeth explains, it’s not easy to take sides.

Debate ‘finished’? A Manne vs The Australian debacle

Robert Manne’s 40,000 word critique of The Australian newspaper in the latest Quarterly Essay resulted in what was supposed to be a debate at The Wheeler Centre. But as Matt Smith reports, it was unavoidably a one-sided talk.

George Megalogenis guest lecture

The Australian’s senior writer George Megalogenis will give a guest lecture at La Trobe University today. He’ll discuss political reporting in the digital age amid a faster 24-hour news cycle.

Entries now open for ACER journalism award

Are you studying journalism or professional writing? Do you have an interest in education? If yes, then it’s time to start writing your application for the Australian Council for Educational Research journalism award.

2011 Guy Morrison Prize for Literary Journalism

Undergraduate and postgraduate journalism students have the opportunity to apply for this year’s Guy Morrison Prize. The winner will receive $2,000 for a quality piece of writing produced in 2010.

Narcissus, Grog’s Gamut and a self-obsessed media

What does the recent controversy about the identity of a blogger say about the state of the Australian media? Quite a lot, says Luke S.H. Raggatt, who believes that the Fourth Estate should focus less on itself and more on producing quality journalism.

Folic acid: Prevention or a second best solution?

Bread fortified with folate is coming to a supermarket aisle near you. Advocates say it will reduce the incidence of spina bifida, but not everyone is convinced it’s a good thing. Helen Lobato reports.

What happened next to one journalism graduate

You may not find your dream job in journalism straight away, but there’s a lot of other opportunities out there, as 2007 Bachelor of Journalism graduate Luke Fenney has discovered.