The Walkley Public Affairs Conference: The Great Debate

2 September 2011

Written by: Cat Brooke

The Walkley Public Affairs Conference is happening next week in Canberra. This annual program is based on debating and discussing controversial topics of the day.

Get ready for the Great Debate! Politicians and journalists are going head to head arguing the question – is there a leadership vacuum? And, if so, who should take the blame?

Peter Dutton MP the Federal Shadow Minister for Health and Aging and Senator Penny Wong the Federal Minister for Finance and Deregulation are going up against journalists George Megalogenis and Lenore Taylor.

Australia’s top strategists will be brought together for this two-day program, and if you are interested in media, communications, public relations and public affairs, you shouldn’t miss it.

There are limited tickets available so get in quick. For more information, please visit the Walkley Foundation website.