Tim Costello talks ethics on reporting disasters

1 April 2011

Written by: Natalie Savino

What is the role of the media when reporting natural disasters?

Does it have a part to play in communal grieving?

Does media coverage stimulate government and communal support for victims of natural disasters?

How can journalism maintain a standard of ethics in disaster coverage?

CEO of World Vision Australia, and advocate for an improved foreign aid program, Tim Costello, has seen how disasters have been covered by the media, both in Australia and internationally.

With the increased likelihood of more natural disasters in the future due to climate change, the role of the media and the ethics regarding coverage of suffering are in need of scrutiny.

The CEO and former Baptist Minister will address the issue in a free event on Wednesday 20 April at 6:30pm.

It will be held at the Basement Theatre, The Spot (New Economics & Commerce Building) at the University of Melbourne (Address: 198 Berkeley Street, Carlton).

Registration is essential and a valid email address is required for confirmation of bookings. There is a limit of two seats per registration, and you must include your guest’s name in the space provided.

For more information you can visit the website or contact the Centre for Advanced Journalism.

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