upstart journalist a finalist in Gillette competition

13 September 2011

Written by: Erdem Koc

It’s with great pleasure that we announce that Ryan Murphy, who is a current member of upstart‘s editorial team, is a finalist in the Gillette sports reporter competition which we advertised on this site last month.

Ryan, who is currently studying a Bachelor of Media Studies at La Trobe University, is one of two people who was selected by Gillette to take part in this advertisement, featuring former Australian cricketer Michael Slater.

The winner will be a summer sports reporter for a major television network and be sent to major sporting events across Australia from next month.

About Ryan

Growing up in country New South Wales, Ryan found his first love to be writing and performing music, completing a degree through the Queensland conservatorium in 2008.  Since graduating, Ryan has gained international radio play for his original works and performed alongside some of Australia’s best musicians.  So far in 2011, Ryan has hit the stage not only as a musician but also a comedian; he has written, directed and acted in a short film, is co-hosting a community radio show and taken a keen interest in journalism.

We wish him all the very best of luck in the competition.  Make us proud, Ryan!

Here’s the video that Ryan entered in to the competition:

And here’s some of Ryan’s other multimedia work he has done for upstart: