Walkley Media Conference 2010

6 July 2010

Written by: Lawrie Zion

The Walkley Foundation is holding its 2010 conference in Sydney from August 9 – 12, focusing on the theme of the role of narrative in the changing mediascape.

Here are the details from their media release.

“What’s the story? Powerful narrative and other tales from the future”

For some time now we’ve been hearing about the crisis in the media and publishing industries. But the Walkleys says that’s old news.

With a new conference, the Walkley Foundation together with the Media Alliance will host a gathering of leading thinkers and practitioners to look at what comes next?

The conference will focus on the power of telling great stories and the tools and skills you need to thrive in the changing media landscape.

It’s going to be a feast of ideas from August 9-12, with workshops, masterclasses, discussions and international keynotes. The conference will appeal broadly to media creators, presenting a program that links artists, authors, journalists, online media-creators, screen-writers, film-makers and others around story-telling and defining new media for ourselves.

The conference will also include a day dedicated to freelance journalists, with discussions and workshops tailored specifically for freelance needs of varying experience levels.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • John Nichols, Washington correspondent, The Nation (US)
  • Jay Rosen, New York University (US)
  • Bob Dotson, national correspondent for NBC’s Today (US)
  • Harry Dugmore, chair of Media & Mobile Communications at the School of Journalism and Media Studies, Rhodes University (South Africa)
  • Heather Allan, head of newsgathering for Al Jazeera English
  • John Bergin, digital news director, Sky News Australia
  • James Bradley, author
  • Anna Broinowski, Walkley-winning film-maker
  • Annabel Crabb, Walkley-winning journalist
  • Sophie Cunningham, editor, Meanjin
  • Mark Dapin, author and columnist
  • Angelos Frangopoulos, CEO, Sky News
  • James Kirby, managing editor, The Eureka Report
  • Malcolm Knox, Walkley-winning journalist and author
  • David Leser, journalist and author
  • Tony Maniaty, journalist and author
  • Chris Masters, Walkley-winning investigative journalist and author
  • Gaven Morris, national editor of continuous news, ABC
  • Laurie Oakes, senior political journalist
  • Kerry O’Brien, The 7.30 Report
  • Julie Posetti, social media specialist
  • Alice Pung, author
  • Stephen Romei, editor, The Australian Literary Review
  • Mark Scott, managing director, ABC
  • Karim Temsamani, general manager, Google Australia & New Zealand
  • James Tuckerman, editor, Australian Anthill
  • Malcolm Turnbull, member for Wentworth
  • Lawrie Zion, journalism co-ordinator, La Trobe

Please see www.walkleyconference.com.au for the full program and to register.