Welcome back (we always could spot a friend)

13 January 2010

Written by: Tom Cowie

By now it’s probably sunk in. The sun has well and truly set on the horizon of 2009.

After a few weeks hiatus from the keyboard, the upstart team have returned to the editing desk with plenty of festive cheer under their collective belts.

It’s time to do the yearly tumble turn and dive straight back into 2010, a year we hope holds plenty of exciting developments in store for emerging journalists.

2009 was a big (half) year for upstart. After our launch in June we have witnessed a steady increase in readers and contributors far beyond what we could have predicted.

2010 promises to be even better. By the end of this year who knows where this publication will be?

As the power of social media and the proliferation of instant content increases by the minute, upstart will continue to provide a platform for emerging journalists to publish their work.

We would like to remind our readers and contributors that any copy they would like to send in over the summer months will be happily received.

Simply send a note to contact@upstart.net.au and our editors will gladly take a look.