Welcome to O-Week

23 February 2010

Written by: Lawrie Zion

The end of summer marks a new period in a lot of people’s lives. For most, it is the end of the holiday season, a time to get back in to the swing of everyday life.

However, for a large proportion of young Australians it also signals the next chapter in their education.

It is the beginning of the university year and students around the country are making the significant transition from secondary schooling to tertiary education.

Tertiary study is a considerable undertaking, and O-Week is a great way to help new students adjust to the university life.

It helps students find classes, meet lecturers and get a feel for campus life.

However, that’s not to say that O-week is all about work, it is also about enjoying yourself and making new friends by enjoying one of the many functions held.

If you are a first-year student beginning one of the many journalism or media courses around Australia, upstart would love to hear from you.

As you prepare to take the first steps of a budding career, we want to know what your aspirations are in the field of journalism.

Are you set on becoming a news anchor, press gallery reporter or foreign correspondent? Or have you got ambitions in a completely different discipline?

We want you to share your first impressions of university life with us. Dreams, disasters and debaucheries, we want to hear everything.

Your contributions can be shared through the comments section below or emailed to us at contact@upstart.net.au. Those of you interested in submitting an article might find it helpful to consult our notes for contributors.

At upstart we would like to wish all commencing university students the best of luck for the next period in their lives.

We would also like to remind new and resuming journalism and media students that they can their send stories or pitches through to the upstart editorial team at contact@upstart.net.au.

You can also follow upstart on Facebook and Twitter, where details of all new items are posted.  And to follow O-week at La Trobe on Twitter, check out the #latrobeOwk hashtag.

Tom Cowie is the editor of upstart, and a final-year Bachelor of Journalism student.