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An end to cosmetic animal testing

Australia should follow New Zealand’s lead and ban the cruel practice of animal testing, writes Ewa Staszewska.

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Dove’s beauty campaign faces backlash

Dove​’s latest attempt to widen conceptions of beauty has left some women feeling even more restricted, writes Tijan Biner.



Racing preview: Stars align for thrilling Championships conclusion

Big-name gallopers will converge at Royal Randwick on Saturday in what will be a big day of racing nationwide, writes Conor Walsh.


Solving crime with social media

You may be assisting police investigations without even knowing it. All you need is a social media account, writes Joely Mitchell.

parole story

Reforms strengthen Victoria’s parole system

Victoria’s parole system is now the toughest in Australia but it could have negative effects on rehabilitation, writes Ethan Miller.

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Bad grammar a laughing matter

It may not matter on a first date, but Mark Butler tells his comedy festival audience not to underestimate the importance of good grammar, writes Nick Harrison.


Racing preview: Sydney to be set alight by superstar thoroughbreds

Some of the best horses is the world will meet for the city’s latest racing carnival, writes Conor Walsh.

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Controversial game? Call the Hotline

Devolver Digital has landed itself in hot water over a scene in its latest video game. Was an Australian ban on the game fair? asks Kieran Balmaceda.

Funeral casket with flowers

The financial side of death

We often stress about the cost of living, but perhaps we should be putting savings aside for the cost of death too, writes Joely Mitchell.


A taxi ride through a place of rainbows and hatred

Tom Ballard’s Comedy Festival show goes beyond jokes and laughter to provide insight into homophobia in Australia, writes Tam Kendi.

Football facing tough fight against ice

Team effort to stamp out ice

Footballing communities must come together to tackle the use of ice as a performance-enhancing drug, writes Matthew Santini.


Journalism may suffer despite new laws

Ewa Staszewska looks at the effects new data retention legislation will have on freedom of press within Australia.


Choc Tops: Minions trailer review

The Minions trailer divides opinion among our Choc Tops, Chris and James. Check out what they think.


Breast Cancer: the untold stories

Around 15,380 Australians will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, but they aren’t the only ones who will feel the effects of the disease.