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New laws to ‘move on’ Victorian protestors

Do new ‘move on’ laws give the police too much power to deal with protestors? Jessie Anne Gartlan finds out.

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Study. What a pain in the neck

Stacey Elms-King investigates the posture dos and don’ts that can help you avoid the dreaded neck and back pain we can get during exam periods.



Demons scarred by the past

Melbourne’s scars from the Bailey tanking era are still there for all to see, writes Tom Parker.


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Aussies give Maccas a run for its money

Sales have not looked good for McDonald’s recently, so what does this tell us about Australian appetites? Philippe Perez finds out.


The hidden dangers of voluntourism

The exploitation of children is a serious risk that comes with volunteering overseas, writes Erin Leeder.


Hoop yourself to happiness

Stacey Elms-King explores the increasing popularity of hula hooping and the positive influences it can have on the mind and body.


Boomer’s suspension a blessing in disguise

North Melbourne will need to adapt to survive without its star player, writes Eliot Bingham.


Myths of the music industry

The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is not as lavish and carefree as Hollywood would have you believe, writes Meaghan Weiley.

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Time may be up for Treasurer Hockey

The latest signs from Coalition MPs suggest Joe Hockey may soon transition from respected Treasurer to ostracised scapegoat, writes Samuel Ord.


Dry months leave a bad taste

Ally Dennis discusses why undergoing a ‘dry month’ can be painful and pointless.

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Premier League’s Vine ban is backward

The Premier League’s decision to stamp out unofficial amateur videos on social media misses a marketing opportunity, writes Rudi Edsall.


The Astor announces the end of an era

The announcement of a closing date for the Astor Theatre signifies an impending loss of Melbourne culture, writes Samuel Trask-Marino.


Journalism 101: Infographics

The Journalism 101 project has been developed to accompany lectures in the La Trobe University first year subject, The Emerging Journalist. The project has been funded by La Trobe University’s Radical Learning initiative.


In the next of our Journalim 101 series, we meet Jake Stevens, a journalism student obsessed with infographics.


WrapUp episode seven

On the last episode of WrapUp this season, Campbell and Alice debate the circumstances surrounding Frances Abbott’s scholarship, Rolf Harris’ trial in London, and the anti-climactic update to the MH370 search.

WrapUp Episode 07 by Upstart_Magazine on Mixcloud


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