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Using social media for social good

Social media is providing a wealth of opportunity for important causes, but it can have its drawbacks as well, says Philippe Perez.

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Warning: Some coarse language.

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Using social media for social good

Raising awareness for social causes that both begin and end online can reap great benefits, however, there is still a lot to learn about using social media for this purpose.

Philippe Perez talked to host coordinator of the Changemakers FestivalSarah Stokley, and media educator Jonathan Brown, who are both bloggers and avid Twitter and Facebook users, utilising the platforms to stand up for a cause.

Using social media for societal change. by Upstart_Magazine on Mixcloud

Philippe Perez is a second-year journalism student at La Trobe University and staff writer for upstart. He also tries to tweet for social good via twitter in between all the silly puns.

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