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Universities unite for UniPollWatch

In an Australian-first, journalism schools from four Melbourne universities will participate in a joint exercise to cover the Victorian election, writes Campbell Elmer.

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Study. What a pain in the neck

Stacey Elms-King investigates the posture dos and don’ts that can help you avoid the dreaded neck and back pain we can get during exam periods.



Get your skates on

The sport of roller derby is all bruises and bumps in a fight for skating glory, writes Meaghan Weiley.



Journalism 101: Infographics

In the next of our Journalim 101 series, we meet Jake Stevens, a journalism student obsessed with infographics.


Proposed anti-terror laws are not the answer

Metadata-retaining laws are overkill and an abuse of power, says Samuel Ord.


Hoop yourself to happiness

Stacey Elms-King explores the increasing popularity of hula hooping and the positive influences it can have on the mind and body.


Star quality

The race for the AFL Rising Star award is wide open, writes Robert Beaton.


The difficult divide

Boycotting media outlets and cultural entities because of the conflict in Gaza sets a dangerous precident, writes Philippe Perez.

Save Gaza

Australia should stay out of Gaza

Given our position in the international community, the best we can do about the Gaza conflict is to shake our heads and hope it all blows over, writes Campbell Elmer.


Dry months leave a bad taste

Ally Dennis discusses why undergoing a ‘dry month’ can be painful and pointless.


Sport’s selfie scourge

A popular culture trend is fast becoming a nuisance for athletes on and off the field, writes Callum Godde


Blue Light discos safe for youngsters

Junior discos provide a positive environment for children, writes Rikki-Lee Burley.


Journalism 101: Infographics

The Journalism 101 project has been developed to accompany lectures in the La Trobe University first year subject, The Emerging Journalist. The project has been funded by La Trobe University’s Radical Learning initiative.


In the next of our Journalim 101 series, we meet Jake Stevens, a journalism student obsessed with infographics.


WrapUp episode seven

On the last episode of WrapUp this season, Campbell and Alice debate the circumstances surrounding Frances Abbott’s scholarship, Rolf Harris’ trial in London, and the anti-climactic update to the MH370 search.

WrapUp Episode 07 by Upstart_Magazine on Mixcloud


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