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100 articles – the first 20

Our '100 articles every journalist should read about journalism' project has reached its first checkpoint. Here's the list of the 20 selections we've selected so far.

For the last couple of weeks upstart has been building a list of the 100 articles every journalist should read about journalism. While this is deliberately a slow burn project – on most days we’ve been adding just one new selection – we’ve been very chuffed with the response so far. As well as stimulating discussion and attracting unsolicited responses from journalists all over the world, our project, which has been developed by La Trobe University’s Master of Global Communications students,  has also been the subject of an article  in the British site .

More details of this endeavour, including how to submit your own selection, can be found here. But here’s the list so far:

1. ‘And then they came for me…’ by Lasantha Wickrematunge (selected by Shashini Gamage)

2. ‘Why is sports journalism an oxymoron?’ by E.W Mason (selected by Evan Harding)

3. ‘Censorship’ by Karl Marx (selected by Sarah Green)

4. ‘The Preacher’ by George Gittoes (selected by Jane Hosking)

5. ‘The people formerly known as the audience’ by Jay Rosen (selected by Maike Winters)

6. ‘Losing the news: the future of the news that feeds democracy’ by Alex Jones (selected by Madeleine Barwick)

7. ‘The shot heard ’round the industry. Backpack journalism on the rise’ by Gail Shister (selected by Aiman S. Ahmad)

8. ‘The creed of objectivity killed the news’ by Chris Hedges (selected by Anamaria Krunes)

9. ‘Blog off, you still need journalism’ by Jason Whittacker (selected by James Briggs)

10. Mahatma Gandhi and Mass Media‘ by Prof. V. S. Gupta (selected by Jane Hosking)

11. ‘War or peace journalism? Asian newspaper coverage of conflicts’ by Seow Ting Lee and Crispin C. Maslog (selected by Shashini Gamage)

12. ‘Spears Naked, Hilton Nude, Lohan Panty-less Share Pulitzer Prize For Saving Journalism’ by Chris Hanson (selected by Kelly Theobald)

13. Politico’s Mike Allen: The man the White House wakes up to’ by Mark Leibovich (selected by BackPageLead editor, Ashley Browne)

14.‘A new journalist’s creed’ by Stephen J. A. Ward (selected by Sarah Green)

15. ‘How SEO is changing journalism’ by Shane Richmond (selected by James Briggs)

16. ‘Jim Cramer Daily Show interview in three parts’ (selected by Evan Harding)

17. ‘How to write about Africa’ by Binyavanga Wainaina (selected by Dutch journalist Jaap Meijers)

18. ‘Cheerleader or Watchdog’ editorial in the journal Nature (selected by Maike Winters)

19. ‘Decline of the Foreign Correspondent’ by Pamela Constable (selected by James Briggs)

20. ‘Shattered Glass’ by by Buzz Bissinger (selected by Jean Kemshal-Bell)

Details of how to contribute your own selection to our 100 articles project can be found here.

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