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Calling all bloggers…

If you have a blog, upstart wants to hear from you. Get in touch with us at
Hooked on blogging

‘Every writer since the printing press,’ wrote Andrew Sullivan, ‘has longed for a means to publish himself and reach—instantly—any reader on Earth.’ In 1994, the blog was born.

Blogs serve many purposes and herald a new era of journalism – citizen journalism. Anyone who has an opinion and a computer can communicate to the world. In fact, blog search engine Technorati indexes over 133 million blogs.

Here at upstart, we know the importance of blogging for emerging journalists. Keeping a regular blog can enhance your writing skills and give you an outlet to publish to your work.

Last year, we invited bloggers to list their blog on our very own blogroll. Bloggers like Meghan Lodwick, Marian Blythe and me wrote about our experiences of diving into the deep water that is the blogosphere.

Now, we’re looking for more. Do you have a blog? Let us know and we can add it to our blogroll. Have you recently started a blog? We’d like to hear about your experience of navigating through the online world – the thrills, the challenges, and where you think it might be taking you.

Bloggers can reach us at Meanwhile, check out our contributor guidlines, as well as the blogs of the upstart crew – Matt de Neef, Ben Waterworth, Lawrie Zion, Michael Calle and me, Kelly Theobald.

Kelly Theobald is co-editor of upstart.

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