Election night cocktails – I’ll start with a Death Stare thanks

20 August 2010

Written by: Lawrie Zion

With the campaign nearly behind us, it’s time for Australians to face the now pressing task of preparing their election night parties.

And while the outcome of so many elections in our recent memory have been determined before the midnight hour, those hosting Saturday night bashes where nobody leaves until the acceptance speeches are made could be finding themselves serving up refreshments well into the working week.

So what should Australians sip on while trying to decipher the outcome of the current contest? At upstart, we’re building up a list of cocktails that will ensure that nobody drives home, and I’ll take this as my shout by kicking off suggestions.

“Green Melbourne” – Fosters with Creme de Menthe   

“Restless Rabbit” – Red Bull, sudafed and double-shot macchiato   

“The Death Stare” – 2 parts Averna three parts absinthe

“Barnaby Juice” – crushed pineapple, Bundy and xxxx

“Ranga” – sparkling shiraz, redcurrant cordial and pomegranate molasses

“Latham” –  bitter lemon on the rocks

“Bob Katter Kowboy “- same recipe as ever (Butterscotch Schnapps & Baileys) but this time heated in a billy

“The Ironbar” –  Mix Rum (white of course), and Crème De Cacao (white again) Skull, wash down with Emu Export

“The K Rudd Crush” – crushed ice, lots of gin, bitter lemon

“Well hung parliament”  Benedictine, Viagra, banana, and watermelon sorbet. – A good one to try on your local member.

“Moving Forward martini” – blood orange juice, vermouth, gin, ginger, olives

“Nauru Nobbler” – egg yolk, seaweed and salt water

That should get you started. If you can return the favour, leave a comment here, or get onto Twitter and add your potion along with the #electionnightcocktails hashtag and #ausvotes, and we’ll update this post regularly between now and Saturday night. 

Lawrie Zion is editor-in-chief of upstart, and never adds milk to his daiquiries.