Shout Out for Climate Change competition

8 August 2010

Written by: Meghan Lodwick

If you are an aspiring film director, actor, advertiser or happen to like using a video camera sign up for The Shout Out for Climate Change Competition hosted by Sydney advertising company Ogilvy & Mather and the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

Explore your ideas on climate change by producing a 60 second video on an issue that effects not just Australia, but the world.

Applicants must also produce a media plan to accompany the video. The plan will address your audience, media platforms for your video and when it should be aired.

Videos must be creative, professional, basically the most powerful statement you can make on climate change in a minute. Think laterally there are a lot of advertisements out there, what would make you click on one?

For more information click here for the entire brief or e-mail directly to

Entries close Friday 10 September at 5pm.