upstart welcomes its new editors

5 June 2012

Written by: Erdem Koc

After farewelling another editorial team yesterday, we now welcome a new, albet smaller, editorial team to the site.

Over the next two months, our co-editors will be working hard through what’s already proving to be a challenging Melbourne winter.

Feel free to pitch your stories or story ideas to them over the winter break, by dropping a line to

We’ve launched two new projects on the site this week, including our best practices blog and Backbench Insiders, where we’ll be profiling backbench MPs.

Other highlights over the winter will be our ongoing coverage of the EURO 2012, and The Future of Journalism project, which looks at case studies on changes and innovation in journalism.

Here’s the duo who’ll be overseeing this content:

Justine Costigan

Justine Costigan is studying a Masters in Global Communication at La Trobe University. Justine has been a freelance journalist for more than ten years, writing about food and wine, the arts, property, interiors and architecture for local and national magazines and newspapers. You can find much of her work at  You can follow Justine on Twitter: @justcostigan

Emil Jeyaratnam

Emil is studying a Graduate Diploma in Journalism at La Trobe University. Emil’s background is in film and television post-production.  He has worked on numerous documentaries for the ABC, SBS, BBC and others. But news and current affairs are his passion, having learnt their importance through his parents, who would anxiously wait for sporadic reports from war-torn Sri Lanka, a country the family fled in 1984 due to civil war. For Emil and his family, news was not simply a summary of events, but encapsulated within it the safety of relatives, the stability of a country and the possibility of returning home.  You can follow Emil on Twitter: