Where are they now? Ryan Jon

30 March 2011

Written by: Ashley Fritsch

Since leaving upstart late last year, former editorial team member Ryan Jon has barely kept his feet on the ground.  First, it was an internship with business news site, Smart Company, followed by gigs at three radio stations, including a week on air at Fox FM with the Matt and Jo Show.

Today he’s a Casanova for Nova100, an executive producer of comedy at SYN, and a consultant for finance firm, Pitcher Partners. To top it off, this week he’s not only covering the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for SYN; his short movie, Customer Service, premieres on Thursday night.

He says there’s not really time for much else.

‘So I do about 50 hours with Pitchers, 10 hours at SYN and 10 hours at Nova and in between I’ve been trying to get this movie off the ground.’

Ryan joined the editorial team at upstart last year, as part of the Media Studies Graduate Certificate he was undertaking at La Trobe University.  At the same time, Ryan was also studying his honours year for a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Swinburne.

He says he didn’t really plan to fall into writing; it just happened.

‘People often ask me “did I always want to be a writer?”,’ he says. ‘With the film it’s not like I sat down and tried to be creative and write something — I’m just remembering what happened and trying to write it down.  It’s easier that way.’

Some of Ryan’s pieces for upstart include an interview with current sport editor Ben Waterworth about his experiences covering the Commonwealth Games in India; a piece on the music industry in the digital age; and an article on the then new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

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