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2012: The year in review

upstart is calling for fellow writers to contribute their top ten-lists of highlights and lowlights from 2012.

The end is nigh!

Image: Kenichi Nobusue, Wikimedia Commons.

The end of 2012, that is. Here at upstart, we are taking some time to ponder the year that’s passed so quickly, and we want your help to compile a number of “top ten” lists, reviewing the year that’s passed.

Your list can be as general or specific as you like. They do not have to be ranked in a 10 to 1 order, but they do need to have a defined topic of standout moments.

In short, we want a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly of 2012.

Examples of potential topics could be: top ten moments in Australian politics, top ten moments in journalism, top ten moments from the US presidential campaign, top ten moments in sports, top ten moments in the AFL, top ten films, records, live shows, tweets, obsessions, TV moments, top ten epic fails on Channel Ten…

You get the gist, now let us know your top tens.

Each of the ten moments in the lists should come with a short description of no more than 75 words per moment. Please include videos, images and/or other media – but do make sure they don’t breach any copyrights.

Please join us in saying a big farewell to another year here at upstart. Pitch your lists to us at

Let the champagne flow!

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