Australia Decides 2013 Episode Five

6 September 2013

Written by: Emily Fear-Gook

The time is here! It is September 6th, and the Federal election is almost here. This the fifth episode of our election podcast, recorded a matter of hours ago in front of a live studio audience. Matt Smith hosts a podcast with guests Professor Nick Bisley and Dr Gwenda Tavan, both from the Politics program at La Trobe University.
Issues covered in the podcast are:
– Does the lack of costings matter? Is this election about politics or people?
– Labor look to lose badly, but what will the final count be?
– How long will it take Labor to lick their wounds and recover from defeat?
– How colourful will the Senate be, and will that make things tricky for a Coalition government?
Listen to the podcast here
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The final podcast in this series will be recorded on September 12th in the CTLC studios (Education 2, Level 1) at 11:30am, and examines the political landscape in the aftermath of the election. All are welcome! Joining Matt Smith and Nick Bisley will be Emeritus Professor Robert Manne from the Politics Program at La Trobe University.
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